how does masha™ create
that perfect texture?
…through unique, rotor cone
blades that mash & aerate

Did you know that the main cause of gluey/lumpy mash is overworked potatoes?

Boiled potatoes develop swollen starch cells. When ruptured during mashing, the cells release starch. If the starch grains are ruptured by aggressive blending/ cutting it releases amylose which creates that ‘glue’ like sloppy, uneven texture. The more cells that are ruptured, the gummier the mashed potatoes become.

Unlike normal, electric, handheld blenders/ mashers that use metal chopping blades at very high speed, the masha™ uses a unique, slow moving rotor blade technology that creates an extrusion process.

This extrusion process aerates and mashes at just the right speed and this keeps the starch grains perfectly intact, giving that unbelievable, smooth and fluffy consistency with no lumps – in seconds!

super smooth results

extrusion process

The masha™ uses a unique, slow moving rotor blade technology that creates an extrusion process this ensures super smooth consistent results every time!

2 powerful blades for
mashing & blending

The masha™ has two unique, patent blades, each with a different function.


This smooth edged blade is for all your MASHING.
Perfect for all types of mashed potato / vegetables, guacamole, hummus, homemade  dips, salsa’s, baby food and more! 


This jagged, edgy shape blade is for all your BEATING. This blade is designed to allow air to flow into your food making it light and fluffy in seconds.

Use this blade for whisking eggs, creams, meringues and even salad dressings. It’s perfect for all your batters including cake batters, scones and even Yorkshire pudding!

These blades are non-stick pan friendly so no scratches or marks. You can also use the masha™ straight into your main cooking pan / bowl that’s one less dish and mess to clean up.