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In her native England, Nigella Lawson is something of a dining deity. Her second cookbook, “How To Be a Domestic Goddess,” was largely credited with kick-starting the country’s renewed love affair with baking, leading Lawson to a fruitful career as a TV chef with a passionate relationship to her ingredients, and a penchant for alliteration (“pink picante prawns,” anyone?). Her 11th book, “At My Table: A Celebration of Home Cooking” (Flatiron Books), came out this week. In honor of the occasion, we invited her to identify the tools and treats she can’t live without.

Mix ‘n’ mash
“Humor me here. I know it sounds odd to have a machine just for mashing potatoes, but this really does make the best mashed potatoes ever, and my family favors mash over all. It’s not a beautiful implement, but function sometimes trumps form — it mashes and aerates at the same time.”

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